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Green environmental protection, plate enterprises begin with technological upgra

Release date:2019-09-12 08:35:53
Environmental protection is the mainstream of the current society, as closely related to the daily life of the plate industry, in this case, the natural need to focus on the product's green environmental performance. Compliance with the green trend is inevitable, but before that, plate enterprises must be prepared to ensure that the environmental performance of plate products can be truly realized.
In recent years, the plate market and there are a lot of green sheet, but not only their own environmental protection plate Sheung Wan to know, especially since this year, the quality problems of products outstanding, consumers are more difficult to choose to be assured of health board, from the market in this regard, consumers feel very sad. Green sheet is highly welcomed by the consumers due to its strong environmental performance, under the current environment, the concept of environmental protection into the plate enterprises only the production of products, in order to obtain the support of consumers, which triggered a new round of the successful transformation of enterprises. In green shine on the occasion, if the enterprise is board regardless of the interests of consumers, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, only focus on the immediate petty profits, will eventually be eliminated by the market.
From this level, the plate only at the forefront of the times, to absorb more advanced production concepts, strengthen the ability of innovation, will thoroughly implement the green environmental protection product, in order to survive in the market. Nowadays, formaldehyde exceed the standard case beyond count, in order to restore the hearts of consumers, the plate enterprises must constantly improve their level of production, purchase more advanced environmental protection equipment, strengthen environmental protection investment, to gradually raise the floor of the environmental value, increase the added value of the product of the floor. China Wood network believes that green health board is the responsibility of the board enterprises. For the current sheet enterprises, green environmental protection is imperative, enterprises to find suitable for their own development direction in the process, continuously improve their own environmental protection technology, in order to usher in a green trend for the long-term development of.
As the wood processing industry leading enterprises, Lu Li fully passed the ISO9001/14001 international quality and environmental system certification, environmental product certification mark, China FSC/COC international chain of custody system certification, CARB certification and JAS certification. Company products won the "2015 year particleboard network selected ten brands", "2015 plywood industry in China ten major brands" and many other honorary titles. Lu plate conform to the trend of green environmental protection, consumers can rest assured to buy.

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